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Before the Procedure a consultation is done this includes your health history, skin and texture as well as Fitzpatrick type, at this time you may also ask any questions you may have. Clients are given a pretreatment protocol and perches list with recommended items to have at hand before the day of treatment. 

At the day of treatment you are asked to come with no makeup and clean skin. Before and after pictures are taken for starting point, visual results and healing purposes. Your provider will apply a medical grade topical numbing for approximately 60 minutes before treatment begins for minimal discomfort . The treatment it self is relatively fast and your provider will apply necessary ointments or moisturizers. You will also be given your post op instructions and after pictures are taken. Before you leave the office you must make your checkup appointment 14 days post treatment. It is extremely important to keep this appointment your provider will not be responsible for your healing and success unless this completed. You will at this time get instructions for home care and maintenance of your investment.
As we age we lose collagen and  elastin. Skin tightening could be the answer to prolong or avoid expensive invasive plastic surgery procedures. Skin tightening is done by using a dehydration technique.This technology involves dehydration of the skin through ionization of atmospheric gas which then works to stimulate the contraction and provides shortening and tightening of skin resulting in the reduction of the skin surface as well as collagen production.Results may be similar to those seen with certain surgery's but without the need for cutting or stitching.
For Fine lines, Wrinkles, Loss of elasticity, Acne Scars , Stretch marks and other skin imperfections as Brown spots, Melasma, Hyperpigmentation..
3-5 days healing process slight red to pink can remain up to 12 days.
Make-up may be used after healing has taken place.Treatment is repeated every 3 months  depending on age and need of correction of skins structure.This time is  given for collagen and tightening to develop.
Medical grade topical numbing cream  is used for all treatments .

Consultation required
Before and after instruction is given at consultation visit.
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