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Permanent Make up is not to be confused with Traditional Makeup it is not meant to replace conventional make up just to enhance your own natural beauty.All Permanent makeup procedures requires a consultation for Pictures ,shape and color choice as well as age,health and undertones.


Allow 30 minutes ,bring favorite color liners,Lipsticks or brow pencils for guidance .You will be given 

Pre-treatment instructions at this time.It is a very important to follow these instructions  for your future Permanent makeup procedure to be successfully done.

All Permanent makeup procedures are done with a medical grade topical .

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Lip Color or Shading

The Lip Liner/Lip Color permanent Make-up procedure provides a youthful and natural appearance and can help camouflage age related facial lines surrounding the lips as well as lost pigment around lip line often Caused by age.


Some swelling can occur 1-2 days followed by dryness and sometimes Light crust before healing is complete. Valtrex prescription is advised 2 days before and 3 days after to prevent unnecessary complications and healty healing.

Follow post op instructions given.

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Brows  Hair strokes or soft shading

Brows If you don't have the time to pencil the brows on every day eyebrow permanent make-up procedure can mimic the appearance of hairs  in the brow line that might have been loosed with age or for other medical reason lost.


No Pain some slight redness and scabbing can occur after 5 days of healing .Keep area out of sun, no perspiration and work outs until brows are fully healed . Always use SPF to protect your color.

Color correction Brows faded excising ta
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Brows and LashEnhancement by Lena 🇸🇪 A
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Skin is not much different than hair when it comes to color fading out. If we were to color our hair, just once, and allow it to fade out, it would change color several times. Initially, the cuticle layers of the hairs would hold the color, then they would begin to let it go and it would eventually wear off. The initial color would morph into various shades, unrecognizable from the original color, if not touched-up.The same process happens when tattooing the face. Some of the color is carried away from the bottom of the tattoo by the lymphatic system and some fades and exfoliates from the surface. If the color is not touched-up, it can often morph into a very different color than we initially tattooed.

Color Correction of faded pigment

All tattoos fade with time .No matter what we do and how well we take care of our new tattoo they will need a color boost in 1-2 years .Skin care products,sun,pools,ocean water, medications or all combined will play a big roll in the fading process  .When fading takes place the brows do not disappear but gradually loses the warmth. 


Pre and post instructions are the same as when your original tattoo was done as well as the healing time.

Protect your color use SPF after tattoo is healed .

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Stages of brows healing 
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Above pictures is showing color correction one side correction only
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Tattoo removal of unwanted pigment

Unfortunately removing pigment is a longer process than implanting pigment that is why you should make sure your tattoo is done by a certified tattoo technician with several years of experience .It is natural to want a good price but many times not worth it .The bigger the mistake the more it will cost you to try to correct it, and in some cases it may not  even be possible. Remember in general you get what you pay for.Removal may take up to 7 treatments to reach satisfactory results.

Removals must be a minimum of 5-6 weeks apart to not create scarring of the skin.


Dry heal keep clean no makeup or working out until the formed scab has naturally fallen of

5-7 days . 

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Eye Liners and Lash Enhancement 

Eye Liner Permanent Make-up procedure is popular among both men and women . This permanent Make-up procedure is recommended by Ophthalmologists for those who are allergic to conventional make-up and is achieved by implanting pigment in the lash line and creates a fabulous natural look. Lash Enhancement is not a liner visible on the lid ,the pigment is placed Lightly between the lashes, just to enhance the color of the eye.


Some swelling can occur, same day light cooling of area ,no blood thinners Tylenol if needed ? Eye procedures no contacts.Bring Glasses. Follow post op instructions given.

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Right after
Healed 1 session
Scar Camouflage 
Scar Camouflage is a so called a experimental Procedure meaning it is hard to tell the exact outcome it is very difficult to match the color of your skin with tattoo ink, partly because the skin color changes with the seasons, sun exposure, and age a few sessions may be required . Areas in need of camouflage needs to be evaluated by the micropigmentologist (tattoo artist ) to determine if it is possible to get a acceptable result. Camouflaged areas exposed to sun will change color just like any other tattoo therefor it is important to always use SPF to maintain a true color.All tattoos need a color boost every so often to look its best.
No workout, swimming in pools, Sun,soaking or scrubbing .Keep clean and treat with care .
After fully healed always use SPF.

Areola Restoration

Today cosmetic tattooing with flesh colored pigments can be used to give a woman back her balance and self esteem. This procedure is also suitable for women with breast implants,breast lifts,irregular shaped or faded nipples to recreate symmetry and color. The Permanent Make-up Tattoo procedure usually takes 3-4 visits to obtain the final result and involves minimal discomfort.Medical strength Topical anesthetic is used Thought the procedure.


Antibiotic ointment and sterile compress refrain from shower till following day. Follow post instructions given at treatment time.

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